• I have worked with another colleague to research and write my story. Can we make a joint submission?

Yes, we accept co-authored entries and past winners of a Kurt Schork Award have included two or even three joint authors. To submit, one of the co-authors should complete the entry form in his or her sole name and then provide information about the other journalist(s) involved in the supporting statement required for each article. If the co-authored article is selected for an award, we will name both/all writers as joint winners and arrange to split the prize money pro-rata between each. Where possible we would seek to invite all the joint winners to the prize ceremony, but we reserve the right to limit attendance to one representative if necessary.


  • What if only one of my three submitted articles is co-authored?

If the co-authored article is the sole reason you win an award, then both you and the other writer will be jointly honoured and rewarded. If the judges decide to declare you a winner on the strength of all three entries you have submitted, then you will be the sole recipient of the award and prize, but special mention will be made of the co-author of one of your articles when we publish the results.


  • I have published a book on a relevant subject. Can I enter extracts or whole chapters?

No. To keep the judging workload to a reasonably-sized task, we only accept articles written for newspaper, magazine or internet publication, ideally not exceeding 5000 words per article.


  • I write a regular blog for social media. Can I submit one or more of my blog items?

No. We do not accept blogs or other social media contributions. However, we do accept articles written for recognised online publications.


  • I am a broadcast journalist. Can I submit a transcript of a story I have covered for TV or radio?

No. The Kurt Schork Awards are intended to recognise the work specifically of print journalists and those writing for online publications.


  • I am not a full-time journalist, as my main work is in another field or I am otherwise unemployed. Are my articles eligible?

The Kurt Schork Awards are intended to recognise the work of professional journalists and so we do not normally accept entries from those who are not earning their living through journalism. However, if you are starting out in journalism but do not yet have full-time employment, your articles might still be eligible provided they have been published in a recognised newspaper, magazine or online publication during the eligible time period.


  • Why do I need to provide a supporting statement, as I think my story speaks for itself?

We are not looking just for good writing and strongly-structured stories. We also want to know how resourceful the journalist had to be in order to get the story, what obstacles had to be overcome, and what other special factors were involved – and these are not always self-evident within an article. The supporting statement is your chance to tell us what it took to deliver the words on the page. This explanation may be what pushes your story ahead of another contender’s.


  • When will we hear about the shortlists and the final results?

This can vary from year to year, depending on when our judges are available. Usually, we aim to inform the three winners and shortlisted entrants in September, with the public announcement and Award ceremony taking place in October. All of the latest information will be posted on our website, so keep an eye out!


  • I want to study journalism and need a scholarship. Can you help?

I’m afraid not. We do not have funding available for scholarships, grants or other training support.


  • I’m experiencing difficulty in getting the online form completed. Is there an alternative way to submit?

Our preference is to receive submissions over the Internet via the online entry form. But if that is not possible for you, then you can download a Word document or PDF version of the entry form and send it as an attachment to enquiries@ksmfund.org


  • My entry is only available as a newspaper or magazine clipping. Can I send that to you by post?

You will need to type your article into a Word document, to be submitted in the online form or attached to an email, so that we have a digital copy. You may if you wish post a clipping (to the postal address listed here) to show how your article appeared when published. In the past we have occasionally been sent entire newspapers by entrants who expected us to find their article(s) within but because this involves extra processing time, we will not accept such submissions.


  • How will I know that you have received my submission?

Once the form is successfully completed, the applicant is taken to a thank you page. This is only displayed if the form is correctly filled in.


  • For security reasons, my story was published anonymously. What do you need to prove my authorship?

We will accept a letter from your editor/publisher confirming that you are the author of the article.


  • I have nine stories to submit. How can I send them to you?

We only accept three. You must choose them yourself.


  • My article was published without accompanying photos or graphics. Will that affect its chances?

We judge each article solely on its text. Some entries, especially those published in magazines, are often accompanied by very powerful images, but these have no bearing on the judges’ decisions.



If you have any questions about the awards please contact:


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